Cradle Waterproof Mattress Protector

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Cradle Waterproof Mattress Protector
Delightfully Dry!
Our Mattress Protectors offer the gold standard in protection! Every cradle mattress needs protection against liquids, stains and bacteria. Our fitted style mattress protector does the job. Our premium protector has a soft quilted outer layer and is backed in water-repellent vinyl. A must for every baby cradle mattress!

Waterproof Cover
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Cradle Waterproof Mattress Protector
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Cradle Waterproof Mattress Protector
Fabric Content: Poly with Vinyl backing
Machine Washable
Made In USA
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4 Stars (46 Reviews)
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Review 1 of 46
Yes, it's Waterproof !
This is the Best Waterproof Mattress Protector if your kid has bed-wetting problem!
Caren Stark, MA  
Review 2 of 46
Cradle waterproof mattress protector
It fits perfectly on the cradle mattress and the quality is very good. I am glad I bought this mattress protector.
Jude, NJ  
Review 3 of 46
Great fit!
Perfect fit for our cradle mattress
Stacy, Illinois  
Review 4 of 46
Great fit!
Perfect fit for our cradle mattress
Stacy, Illinois  
Review 5 of 46
It was just what I needed. Good quality and price.
Brenda S, MI  
Review 6 of 46
cradle waterproof mattress protector
it was well worth the money, fits well
Carol Paddison, Ontario Canada  
Review 7 of 46
mattress protector
perfect fit
Susan O, New York  
Review 8 of 46
Made in USA
Love the fact that this is made in the USA. Quality seems good. The fit is a little snug. It is on the mattress. Now we just have to wait for the baby to arrive to test it out.
Melissa, New York  
Review 9 of 46
A Perfect Fit
Protector fits nicely on mattress and is super soft. So glad I ordered this along with the mattress.
Happy Grandma, Indiana  
Review 10 of 46
great fit
The mattress protector fit my cradle perfectly!
Grandma, IA  
Review 11 of 46
like it
Ordered this along with a new mattress for a cradle I'm borrowing. Love it! Haven't used it yet though, but ordering another as back up.
jcap, ny  
Review 12 of 46
Good to have
Glad I bought this.. Just a thing to have with a baby.
One tired mommy, UT  
Review 13 of 46
Cradle Waterproof Mattress Protector
Bought this for added comfort and protector with the 15x33 cradle matress. It is great!. New baby will sleep well with both items and thank you for the great quality products.
Mary Mom, Texas  
Review 14 of 46
Waterproof mattress protector
This was exactly what I wanted... great fit and nice quality.
Lynn, TX  
Review 15 of 46
The mattress protector for the cradle mattress works great. We ordered two, so we had an extra to replace a soiled one. What a great price and the time in which we received our order, was short. Which was really appreciated. The cusotmer service at ababy was great. Thanks for the serivce.
VJ, Colorado  
Review 16 of 46
perfect fit for 1870 cradle
Your mattress was a perfect fit for my refinished family cradle from 1870, and the price was very reasonable. Thanks
Linda in Ohio, Ohio  
Review 17 of 46
Works great
this is a great pad that does exactly what is is supposed to while adding a little extra cushion to the mattress.
Ashley, North Carolina  
Review 18 of 46
Fits Perfect
This fit the mattress I ordered perfectly.
mommyX1_2010, Florida  
Review 19 of 46
I purchased this for my unborn grandchild so haven't used it. I can state that it was made very well and is a perfect fit for a cradle. Looks like it will certainly protect the mattress and add some cushioning to the cradle bed. The price was inexpensive and quality great compared to what I could buy in a local store.
Grannie, Florida  
Review 20 of 46
Works Great
Fits our 15x33 mattress just fine, no problems.
Brian, NC  
Review 21 of 46
great product
Nicely made, perfect for our baby. Arrived quickly, great transaction!
Wende Berryhill, Alabama  
Review 22 of 46
I ordered this for the arrival of my new grandchild. My daughter received and was quite pleased with the quality. I was pleased with the ease of ordering and the quickness of shipping. All in all a wonderful experience.
Maryann B, Maryland  
Review 23 of 46
Great Great Great!
Well made, good quality...a difficult product to find locally was easy to find on
J Palm, Washington  
Review 24 of 46
Great Job
It is great and I am so glad you were able to get it for me. I will be ordering more from you when my new 2 grandchildren arrive. Thanks for your help.
Kate D, MS  
Review 25 of 46
Happy customer
I spent several weeks looking for this certain size mattress locally to no avail. In frustration I checked the web and quickly came to your site - found what I needed, easily placed the order and within two weeks had the product in my hands. Our granddaughter was born two days later and indeed had a comfortable place to sleep in her hand-made cradle! The mattress fit perfectly and the mattress protector worked very well as a "breathing" buffer between a sheet and the plastic wrapped mattress. It seemed very comfortable. ... The quality of each piece is excellent.
Sandy N, CO  
Review 26 of 46
Perfectly soft and plush. Exactly what i was looking for.
Natascha, NY  
Review 27 of 46
Protection at its best
Quality cradle mattress pad cover, and more than accommodating staff to exchange the pad when the wrong size was delivered. It all arrived in time for our daughter/mommy-to-be first baby's shower!
Hope, Michigan  
Review 28 of 46
A perfect fit for a handcrafted cradle
Good quality, nice padding.
Jeanne, Wisconsin  
Review 29 of 46
very nice product
Very nice product. I like the fact that it has a little cushion to it.
Debbie, Michigan  
Review 30 of 46
Surprisingly Soft
Surprisingly soft for waterproof cover. Fits mattress perfectly
Christy, Georgia  
Review 31 of 46
Great fit, good price.
Patricia, NY  
Review 32 of 46
Great quality, slightly small fit.
We bought this in the 18X36 size to protect the mattress we purchased from aBaby for a cradle my husband made for our first child due in December. It is great quality but just a little too tight. It makes the corners of the mattress curl a little bit. Still workable.
Debbie B., Louisiana  
Review 33 of 46
Nice product
Am sure it will "do the job".
Don, MD  
Review 34 of 46
I was so pleased with the first one I bought, I have purchased a second one so that my son and daughter-in-law will have a spare one to use on laundry day.
Grammy T, CA  
Review 35 of 46
cradle mattress pad
fits great. keeps mattress dry. great price
Amy E, PA  
Review 36 of 46
Nice padding
Fits the cradle that has been in our family for 33 years. We like the thick padding.
Sharon, CA  
Review 37 of 46
Cradle Waterproof Mattress Protector
This was a perfect fit for our cradle. I have had this cradle for 30 years and we just had our 2nd granddaughter. It is just wonderful for her to be using it.
Francilla, Virginia  
Review 38 of 46
Very Nice!!
This is a really nice pad, it fit perfect.
C, Arkansas  
Review 39 of 46
Thank You aBaby
I would like to Thank You for taking care of my order request in having it received before the 21st of February ( a sort of time crunch). I have received my entire order as promised by Sury Braun. We have the cradle (handed down) for our 1st grandchild completely assembled and ready to surprise our son & daughter-in-law with. Thank you again for having my first order with you a very pleasant experience.
Colleen, NY  
Review 40 of 46
Cradle Waterproof Mattress Pad
Will cushion mattress pad to make cradle more comfortable for baby.
Marjorie Koska, Texas  
Review 41 of 46
Fit and finish were tops. Excellent complement to the mattress.
Michael & Marilyn Gleason, CO  
Review 42 of 46
Perfect Fit
Fit my home-made cradle perfectly!
Kathryn Bradfield, Iowa  
Review 43 of 46
The mattress protector was just perfect for our first grandchild's cradle.
Linda, New York  
Review 44 of 46
Just Perfect
nice fit,good quality
Amy, PA  
Review 45 of 46
Good Fit
It fit the mattress perfectly and gives some more padding.
Brittany Buchanan-Valencia, NV  
Review 46 of 46
Very Nice
Fits and works great!
Jamie, New Mexico  
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