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 About Us

We don’t mean the sheep you tirelessly count trying to get tired. We mean the sheep you count with your kids trying to get them to fall asleep.

Good sleep starts with a good mattress and we, “The Mattress Tailors” bring you the comfiest and the best. We believe that you’re never too young to benefit from good sleep, the kind of deep, energizing sleep that you wake from refreshed and ready for your day. At “The Mattress Tailor” you’ll find the biggest selection of premium mattress for babies, teens and in-betweens.

“The Mattress Tailors” can be found deep within the land of the elves. They’re also part of the aBaby company, a company ruling the online world with websites chock full of only the best baby and children’s products. aBaby is a company driven by just one passion – to treat every Mom as if they’re the only one. aBaby is branded by their 10 years of customer service, 10 years of dedication and 10 years of babying babies best.

Come visit us elves for the best mattresses money can buy. With the help of pediatricians and orthopedic specialists we’ve gathered the best, so that you Moms can focus on what really counts – giving you’re child healthy sleep.

Don’t forget to visit our sister sites including “Bassinets and Cradles”, “The Glider Gallery” and “Goodnight Bunk Beds”.

Pleasant Dreams!
The elves
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